CND Shellac & Enhancments

What is CND Shellac?

CND Shellac is a 14-day wear Nail colour, it goes on like a polish but wears like a Gel, with proper care and proper removal there will be No Nail damage at all. 

CND Shellac drys instantly so no wet nails when you leave the salon and has an amazing Shine that lasts the entire time.

Prices include Shaping Nails, Cuticle Work, Application of CND Shellac and any nail art is included as well. 

​CND Shellac manicure £27
CND Shellac pedicure £27
CND Deluxe Shellac Pedicure £35

Includes Soak, Scrub, Hard skin removal, Massage,Cutting & Filing the Nails, Cuticle Work and Application of CND Shellac.

CND Shellac Removal £8

The GelBottle Enhancements

The GelBottle is a new Brand that has created the incredibly popular 'Builder-in-a-bottle'.

This Product glides on effortlessly like a polish but its capable of being sculpted to create a beautiful finish, it is also super tough and wears like Acrylic, with the added bonus of be able to soak off with zero nail damage.

Extensions (Using Tips or Forms)  £38

Rebalance  £30

Repairs  £3.50 Per Nail

The GelBottle Removal  £10

Ecstasy with gold stamping
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disney nails
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digiteal with stamping
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