Pregnancy Treatments

The majority of our treatments are suitable during the second & third trimester of Pregnancy. We do have a range of Pregnancy Specific treatments that will help ease those tired muscles throughout your pregnancy.

Please note you must be over 14 Weeks Pregnant to receive any treatments. 

During all Pregnancy Treatments regardless of how far along the pregnancy we alter the position you lie in during your massage to be both comfortable and safe for both mother & baby. 

30 Minute Massage                        £25

45 Minute Massage                        £32

60 Minute Massage                        £40


LAVA Shell Back Treatment           £30

LAVA Shell Full Body Treatment   £47

LAVA Shells are real ethically sourced Tiger Clam Shells that are self heated with environmental friendly ingredients, the use of gentle heated shells and one cool shell will help to soothe any tense muscles and deeply relax the mind, body and soul in preparation of your special arrival.