Waxing & Threading

We use only the best quality Wax for our treatments, that is why we use Outback Organic products.

Outback Organic Products are manufactured in Australia , Vegan friendly and never tested on animals. We use a range or beautiful scented waxes & post wax products that are suitable for even the most sensitive skins.

Treading is an ancient eastern technique used to remove hairs quickly causing less trauma to the skin, hygienic Thread is specially tied and used to remove the hair, most commonly used on the facial areas. 


Brow                                     £10

Lip/Chin                               £6

Under Arm                          £10

Half Arm                              £12

Full Arm                               £15

Bikini                                    £15

High Bikini                           £20

Brazilian/Hollywood          £30

Half Leg                               £15

Full Leg                                £24

Half Leg & Bikini                £25

Full Leg & Bikini                 £35

Back / Chest                       £22